Im putting the cinder in writers block

Ive had some serious writers block weighing me down, like a concrete cinderblock around my neck. Its been months since I've written anything other then To Do lists that all manage to including writing as a task. How annoying to have all these unfinished to do lists. Thanks writers block and thanks stubborn brain that thinks its funny to put write on my to do list over and over again.

I published my last post here in November just hours before my husband and I would get into a pretty life changing auto accident, in almost cosmic ironic fashion that post was about routine and learning to embrace it where it may improve your mental and physical health. Then BAM just like that my routine was gone as were my words and my will to write.

 I'm not alone in this one either, my husband was writing prior to the wreck and after it both our words were replaced with images of the world spinning in slow motion, headlights coming at us in the dark and worries how we were going to get a replacement car. Wondering if our injuries were going to continue to hurt us as the months passed, physical therapy, chiropractic and x-rays galore.

Yep we have both been pretty lost for words since that day, but its time to get back on the wagon and I'm hopping on cinderblock in hand , hell that gives me a place to sit my laptop..

Note: Its taken me weeks to write this post and now its Feb 28th Rare Disease Day and I want to make a post for that so I'm posting 2 blog posts today Here's to being ambitious and finally writing SOMETHING, anything again.



beachdriven said…
I am glad to see you back and not just one but 2 posts today !!!!!!

Your writing is always so insightful and a true pleasure to read.

I look forward to more posts :)

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