Habits, The Good The Bad and The Fugly

I've spent the large majority of my life fairly opposed to routine, daily habits that just kind of solidify a life of mundane boredom. at least that's how I viewed routine, it never occurred to me that routine could be will power and self control building. I also didn't stop to consider that having a pile of bad habits is a routine in itself.

But here I am 36 years old, and learning all kinds of things on this topic now. Hey, better late then never. The big eye opener has been over the last year when I slowly realized that I felt much better when I followed certain routines and my ability to be productive also increased. Yet I just recently quipped "My body loves routine, even if my mind doesn't". But why wouldn't my mind love just about anything that would make me feel better overall? A crummy mindset that believed that routine was boorish so I couldn't possibly be mentally fulfilled by routine. Even ill-informed mindsets are habits that we allow ourselves to get stuck in.

The changing of the season and changing of the clocks really got me thinking about this. Collectively as a society we all feel the shift of these two events, though we all feel it to various degree. Its undeniable that it throws our routines (even ones we didn't know we had) out of whack. I don't know about you but even as I sit here writing this I feel like a garden slug! Its dark, rainy and grey, Autumn has come to my area and though its only 4:30 it'll be dark very soon. Its been 3 weeks since the season change took root here,  I and many in my friend group are really feeling it. My routine went out the window the first day it was below 60 degrees and I've been working to get it back on track since. That's had me thinking about the role routines play in our lives and about bad habits, because for me when my routine is off my bad habits really run a muck (a muck a muck a muck).

Major bad habit, full scale hibernation! The cold dark weather makes me feel like I have molasses in my veins and all I want to do is lay under the covers and nap or whatever other passive task the day brings to my bedside. I'm sure its no surprise to anyone that this habit isn't good for me or anyone other then maybe Bears and well basically any of the hibernation animals of which humans are not included.
Turning this bad habit around requires the will power to stick with my routine of getting up and making the bed, making it less likely for me to crawl back in. I don't made the bed (routine), and that habit is right there at the ready to drag me into lazy town.. Do you have a bad habit like that?

While I'm on the topic of bad habits, I have a bad tendency to lean into perfectionism. I've been working for years to break it. This habit is destructive and is the killer of creativity, I cant even tell you the countless things I scrapped or even skipped even doing just because of my habit to have things be just right.  But a bad habit like this can be turned into a good habit through persistence and yes routine. I've begun making it a habit to feel the nagging perfectionism and do whatever its telling me I cant anyway. Like this blog post for instance, I haven't posted since August... The pressure to get it just right stopped me from doing it at all. Yet here it is! in all its messy glory and I feel better for doing it, it takes will power and self control to break bad habits and form good ones that is one thing for which I am sure.

If we let it life can show us faulty mindsets that hold us back from our best selves. For me I have learned to fully embrace my routines (without being to ridged) and enjoy the many benefits they bring. What about you? Are you into routines or do you prefer to just wing it?  Has the time change effected you noticeably? Also do you have any bad habits you'd like to break?

Thanks for reading
How's your spoons?

Bonus Lists (some of my random habits cause, why not):

Bad Habits:
Procrastination (pee-crastination when I need to pee and wait til its critical)
Cold Month Hibernation Queen
Using Q-tips in my ears WAY to much (it just feels amazing and I NEED that clean ear feeling)
Negative Self Talk (this one is a real monster)
Social Media Addiction (I check some days 20+ times a day)

Good Habits:
Making the Bed
Getting dressed and not staying in Pj's all day (unless I'm just way to sick to move)
Regular exercise (I have small hand weights and a half bike for peddling)
Attempting to learn something new weekly (I love to learn new things as often as I can)
Telling people I love them often as I can. (this is so important to me)


EdWoodV2 said…
That was very insightful, my love. I am glad you write and I hope you keep at it. It seems to be helpful and I’m glad you do it. ^_^
beachdriven said…
This is such a wonderful post. Reading this had me thinking about my day to day activities and routines or lack of routines.

I so enjoy reading what you post and look forward to the next one and the next and the next and the next.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us !!!!!!

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