I'm not Shakespeare!!!

 But he may not have been "Shakespeare" either.. Ok ok I know that's just a conspiracy theory but its a fun and compelling idea that Shakespeare didn't actually write his plays and poems. But beyond that easy to fall down rabbit hole, he is known as the Master of  Comedy and Tragedy writing. Creating heartbreaking moments that transcended into the realms of so absurd you'd have to laugh. Voltaire and many other writers past and present have strived to prefect the art of mixing tragedy with comedy to the delight of readers for a long time...eons.... like forever really.

While considering restarting this blog I kept asking myself " How do you make a sad story NOT sad?" Because I have many stories Id like to tell and there's a heaping crapton of sad in there unfortunately. But sad doesn't help people. I want my writings here to help people or have some value even if its just entertainment value. That's where I landed in Shakespeare's lap.

But as the title exclaims I am NOT Shakespeare , which I'm sure is a big let down because he's been dead a long time and if I were indeed him... I'd be a zombie, a zombie writing a blog post and THAT would be truly entertaining, probably go viral. Alas its true, I'm not he. (Side note: This is the second time Ive mentioned zombies in my return to blogging and this is only my second post back .. what is up with that? zombies on the brain? as long there's not a zombie ACTUALLY on my brain I guess its all good.. ok back to the point.)

I may not be Shakespeare the master of mixing comedy and tragedy or even Zombie Shakespeare back from the dead to regale you with tragically funny tales of the undead but I will do my best to make you chuckle every now and again. Because the way I see it Life is the tragedy and its comedy that gets us through.

At this point Ive been working on this blog post for nearly 4 days because after all that zombie on my brain I got a raging migraine and had to call it quits, then brain fog set in and I was sure id made a mistake deciding to reopen this blog. "What am I doing? I cant write a blog, I can barely handle a single full sentence in the fog" (not all that unlike the old John Carpenter film The Fog that terrified me as a kid) but im still here, fog, self doubt and all.

In the upcoming posts you can expect Uncomfortable Levels of  Honesty ,Sword Fights, My Sorted Past, Car Chases, Candid Chronic Illness Posts, more Zombies, Spoons, Ninjas , Humor, Unicorns, Mental Health Discussion, Imaginary Friends, Helpful Coping Tools , Mr T and so much more..

Don't believe me, well we'll see wont we?

-til next time
How's your Spoons? (spoon theory)


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