It hurts me when....

It hurts me
When you point out my limitations
When you boldly state that you hope my next treatment fixes me
When you offer me food that you know I cant have without getting very sick
When you dont allow me the option to be upset or over emotional once in awhile
When you dont listen
When you say you will do something but then dont
When you dont take responsibility for any role you play that causes hurt feelings
When I dont hear from you in days
When you ask how I am and make it clear you dont really want to know but are just being courteous.
When I see you enjoying your life and doing as you please
When you drama queen about meaningless things (we are all guilty of this)
When you put extra expectations on me
When you treat me like a child
When you lack compassion
When you act like im to fragile for the truth
When you make excuses
When you dont consider how I must feel going thru all this
When you bring levity to the table when I really need an ear or shoulder
When you say "Im sorry" over and over, it loses its meaning

These things all hurt me in various ways to various degrees and include each and every person in my life. So none of this is directed at any one person as much as all the collective things that truly hurt from the people I care for most.
Some are rational and some aren't but they are what they are.

Thank you for reading


bairdduvessa said…
rational has nothing to do with anything, we all find things others do pointless or spiteful due to our own inner voices and expectations. so there is no meed to explain yourself at the end of this post either. i know i say "sorry" too much but i only say it because i feel powerless in specific situations and cannot be there, or do not know what to say.
LA_Greaser said…
Like I've always said, you can't help the way you feel. And with all you've been through, who can blame you?
ilectra said…
Somehow when writing this blog I heard you in my head telling me that, that you cant help how ya feel and knowing and feeling are different things. Im sure there are some who could blame me but i really dont care :)


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